Razer Pro Click Driver Download

Razer Pro Click Driver & Software Download

Razer Pro Click Driver Download – Razer Pro Click is one of those fantastic wireless mice made for general productivity. It feels very sturdy, has a comfortable ergonomic shape for most sizes and handrails, and clickable and satisfying buttons. Adjustable polling rates can reach 1000Hz to provide smooth cursor movement, and the scroll wheel on this mouse can be tilted for horizontal scrolling. and can connect via a wireless Bluetooth or USB receiver and pair four devices simultaneously, great for multitasking. Unfortunately, although the performance is good enough to satisfy most gamers, playing FPS games is heavy and may not have enough buttons for some MMO players. Its large size also makes it less portable but provides a compartment for storing USB receivers.

Razer Pro Click Driver Download

Razer Pro Click Driver Design and Features

The Razer Pro Click mouse is designed for productivity and lacks player aesthetics or RGB lighting. Mouse It has a gray and white color scheme that does not stand out in the work environment, and metallic accents on the sides and scroll wheel give it a premium look.

The quality of the manufacture is outstanding. It has matte white plastic on the top and bottom and a rubber handle on the side. It looks sturdy; however, pressing the left side may cause input to be registered. Nonetheless, this takes a little effort and shouldn’t be a problem for most people. There is a slight vibration when shaking the mouse, most likely coming from the scroll wheel. PTFE legs provide a smooth glide, and the buttons are easy to click and satisfying.

Razer Pro Click Driver & Software Performance

Razer Pro Click mice can pair to four devices simultaneously, one via a wireless USB receiver and three more via Bluetooth, allowing you to switch between them simply by pressing the profile switch button at the bottom of the mouse. It can be used with cables, and data is transmitted over a wired connection. There’s a built-in rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about storing disposable batteries. It is rated to last up to 400 hours on Bluetooth and 200 hours when using a USB receiver; however, we do not test battery life.

The side buttons are also good, especially considering they can be programmed. I do a lot of work in adobe software, so they work well to map the Save to web function or copy/paste. Being able to shortcut this to keystrokes saves you time in excellent old workflows.

Razer Synapse 3

Razer Pro Click Driver Software & Driver Download

Name Version Download
Razer Synapse 3.0 Beta  V1.0.125.158

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