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Razer Mamba Wireless Driver & Software Download

Razer Mamba Wireless Driver DownloadMamba Wireless does have some mistakes; the buttons are too soft and softening and balance the Mouse mostly on the back of the Mouse. But, if you can see the lack of it, this Mouse is an excellent option if you are a hand-held palm with a large to moderate hand.


Razer Mamba Wireless Driver Design and Features

Razer Mamba Wireless does not change much of the shape of the Hyperflux version, and they have no reason for it, the shape is ergonomic, super comfortable with a hump that is put near the middle of the Mouse and a strong curve along the sides and on the mouse button.

The buttons themselves are part of the case with widened ends on the front of the Mouse, slope in direction from gradually and similarly hump. This Mouse will correspond to the grip of both palms and claws with no problems. Because more hump in the middle, the fingers should not have too much trouble with Mamba.

Mamba Wireless has reduced the RGB and lit up a bit of the Elite version of the Mouse, but it still screamed Razer in terms of design cues. The wireless version also removes the Tilt Scroll button present in the Elite version. The rubber grip on the wireless version is now a sort of panelled pattern versus a blocky design looking superior to the Elite version.

Razer Mamba Wireless Driver & Software Performance

The Mouse is the average weight considering its size and wireless capability at 106 grams, but most of the weight is behind the Mouse. The back balance of the Mouse was a bit of a problem when lifting the Mouse I was able to feel back the Mouse that wanted to escape from my grip instead of retaining the level. With enough time I got used to, but for the low sensitivity or lighter grip, I wouldn’t praise Mamba for them.

The Razer Mamba uses Synapse 3 software. Once you set it up, Synapse software works well. All your standard settings are here and intuitive to use, DPI levels, RGB options (breathing, reactive, spectrum and static cycles), loose spacing, surface calibration and Macro buttons.

Razer Synapse 3

Razer Mamba Wireless Driver Software & Driver Download

Name Version Download
Razer Synapse 3.0 Beta (PC)  V1.0.125.158

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