Razer Mamba Elite Driver Download

Razer Mamba Elite  Driver & Software Download

Razer Mamba Elite Driver DownloadRazer Mamba Elite is an excellent right-handed cable gaming mouse. It has a black and sleek design that looks very similar to other Razer mice but has 20 customizable RGB zones to help it match any game settings. This is great for gaming thanks to low click Latency and CPI as well as customizable poll levels.


Razer Mamba Elite Driver Design and Features

Razer Mamba Elite has a black and sleek look that is very similar to other Razer gaming mice, such as Razer DeathAdder Elite, except with more RGB zones. There are RGB lighting strips on both sides of the mouse, each with nine zones, allowing for many customization options.

Razer Mamba Elite is a fairly lightweight mouse, though not as much as an ultra-lightweight gaming mouse like Cooler Master MM710 or Final Mouse Ultralight2. Weight of this mouse is also not adjustable. The Mamba Elite feels sturdy enough. It is made of solid plastic and has no loose or shaky parts. However, the scroll wheel feels a bit loose due to its horizontal deterioration.

Razer Mamba Elite Driver & Software Performance

The Mamba Elite has outstanding performance. Its CPI can be adjusted with the addition of 50, which is good and can be high enough to please most gamers. The voting level can also be set to 125, 500, or 1000, allowing you to adjust the fluidity of your cursor movements.

Razer Synapse 3 is an excellent mouse utility software that works very well with the Mamba Elite. Although Razer software is not available for macOS, your mouse will retain custom settings when you plug it into another PC, including a Mac, thanks to its onboard memory. Razapse Synapse 3 software also has some extra features if you create an account, such as saving a profile to the cloud and linking all your Razer products.

Razer Synapse 3

Razer Mamba Elite Driver Software & Driver Download

Name Version Download
Razer Synapse 3.0 Beta (PC)  V1.0.125.158

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